A Garland for Ashes: Lesson Guide

Lessons addressing painful family and social issues based on the book by Holocaust survivor, Hanna Zack Miley.


  • Building questions that facilitate group discussions between students and teachers
  • Emphasizing empathy for those involved
  • Connecting the personal experiences of those involved with the student’s own life experiences
  • Ultimately laying a foundation where the principles of reconciliation can be engaged 

Lessons prepared by Daniel Malakowsky

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A Message From Hanna Zack Miley

I wrote A Garland for Ashes to honor my parents, to remember those who suffered unjustly and to share my long, slow journey to forgiveness.

In these lesson plans based on my book, Daniel Malakowsky has delved deeply into my story and has posed searching questions that relate to all of us and our present experiences. I am grateful that we both have this opportunity to connect with your lives.