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Hanna Zack Miley, a German Jew born in 1932 eleven months before Hitler came to power, spent her first seven years under increasing violence from the Nazi regime against herself, her family and her Jewish community. She escaped Germany on July 24, 1939, on the Kindertransport to England and safety. Her parents, Markus and Amalie Zack, unable to leave, were gassed in the death camp in Chelmno, Poland, on May 3, 1942.

This full length documentary on Hanna’s life will include extensive interviews with her, with others closely related with her story and of scenes from her home area in the Eifel region of Germany. Academics will establish the historical context of the Holocaust and the Kindertransport. The documentary will capture high points in Hanna’s personal journey from hatred and bitterness against Germans and Germany to the healing and freedom of forgiveness and reconciliation. Hanna returned to Germany with her husband George and lived there for many years, expressing the transforming power of reconciliation.

This film will be of value to institutions, organizations, faith groups, and individuals who are committed to preserving Kindertransport and Holocaust memory. It will strengthen all work against antisemitism. It is designed to support broader reconciliation initiatives between faith groups, cultures, races and political divisions––even relational breakdowns within families.

To interested individuals and organizations: Would you consider a gift toward financing this project? The award winning videographer who is creating the documentary has donated a portion of his professional expertise and time, allowing us to do the film for a reduced budget of $200,000. US dollar gifts can be made online HERE or checks can be made out to Antioch Network, designated for the Hanna Zack Miley Documentary, and sent to: Antioch Network 1101 West 34th Street Box 315 Austin, TX 78705-1907. Contributions in euros can be made via the button below.

We are very grateful for your consideration. Thank you.

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