Healing the Past

What is the problem?

Humanity is permeated by hostility and division in relationships among individuals (family, neighborhood, school, work, religion) and groups (races, cultures, political persuasions, churches, religions, countries). When divisions become hardened, people are trapped in pain and dysfunction.

What is the solution?

The human heart must be re-formed from being a center of hostility to a source of agape love. Power for this comes from God’s grace, available to all through discipleship to Jesus of Nazareth. Here the new life Christ imparts grows, gradually transforming hatred and violence into forgiveness and love.

Where does Quellen fit in?

Members of Quellen have been active for decades in initiatives of reconciliation between divided individuals and groups: Jew and German, Messianic Jew and Gentile Christians, Roman Catholics and Protestants, and more. The purpose of Quellen is to facilitate us in telling our stories, sharing what we have learned, and developing materials designed to spread the message.


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