Academics in the School of Arts and Humanities have recently opened a new Kindertransport exhibition, ‘At the End of the Tunnel’, in Berlin. The outdoor exhibition is the first Kindertransport exhibition ever to show in Berlin, and the first in Germany to present the event from a German-British perspective.

‘At the End of the Tunnel’ is a result of a collaboration between Professor Bill Niven and Midlands4Cities PhD student Amy Williams from Nottingham Trent University (NTU), Dr Andrea Hammel from Aberystwyth University and Norbert Wiesneth of PhotoWerkBerlin. Bill and Amy have previously collaborated on several indoor exhibitions around the Kindertransport, which were recently shown at the British Embassy in Berlin in 2018. After impressing and inspiring PhotoWerkBerlin with their approach, the project ‘At the End of the Tunnel’ was created….