Dear Friends,

The Lord has brought us together with the Benecke family, stretching his arm out over the Atlantic Ocean between Trieb, a German village in Oberfranken (northern Bavaria) and Phoenix, Arizona. We form a team of seven—Hubertus, Dodo, Ludwig and Cecily Benecke, Cheri Beckenhauer, and George and Hanna.

Gradually, over the last two years, the Lord has been leading us to serve together in the work of Eifel Fellowship, one of the family of ministries of Antioch Network.

We have already held two six-day residential retreats hosted by the Beneckes in their home, a former monastery, in Trieb—the first in October 2018 and the second in May of this year. Called in German Jüngerschaftswoche, the retreats have been focused on the spiritual formation of Christlikeness in the life of Jesus’ disciples. The retreat text is George’s forthcoming book Maturing toward Wholeness in the Inner Life, now being prepared for publication in both English and German.

Our heads and hearts are filled with new visions. For example, George is now writing the material for a retreat on Leadership after the Pattern of Jesus