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Leaders Following

In this teaching series, George Miley covers his upcoming book on Christian leadership entitled Leaders Following.

This video series is a unique project for the Quellen team as it is being filmed and released while the book is being written. Be sure to subscribe on YouTube and follow us on social media to keep up with George’s journey of completing this valuable resource.

Hanna’s Story

A child separated from her parents, an escape on the Kindertransport, and a journey to forgiveness! Since finishing her book, A Garland For Ashes, back in 2013, Hanna Zack Miley has had the opportunity to share her story far and wide.

Visit Hanna’s YouTube channel to find podcast and radio interviews, academic research projects, slideshows, and more.

Kingdom Politics

In this teaching, one of Quellen’s founding members, Ludwig Benecke, speaks on the involvement of Christians in politics. In doing so, he looks over the past and present by examining how the bible addresses the relationship of God’s people to state power and references the movement of “German Christians” during the “Third Reich”.

This teaching is also available in German. 

Available in 18 languages on Net for God.

Restored By Love

Restored by Love was the theme of the Paradise in the City Festival organized by the Chemin Neuf Community in July 2016. The Festival hosted over 5000 young people from all over the world in Łódź, Poland, for World Youth Day. Thirty young people from different countries prepared the Festival throughout the year. These young people shared their path of transformation in Christ. Festival speakers (among them Cardinal Luis Antonio Taagle, Bishop Grzegorz Rys, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby) also shared why it is important to allow yourself to be restored by love and how to live after this experience.

One of the striking stories is that of Hanna Miley, Jewish by birth, whose past was closely linked to the city of Łódź during the Second World War. Her testimony shows how God’s mercy can heal and save our lives.